The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is the ultimate celebration of hemp and cannabis, hempfair4 celebrating the veil of prohibition slowly lifting from the face of the United States. This event is open to anyone 21 or older and all 18 year olds with medical marijuana cards. hempfair5
THC Fair explores all aspects of the cannabis industry, offering attendees the chance to partake in sessions about growing and harvesting, medicinal uses, legislation and more. Top industry experts will be speaking and giving seminars on a wide range of marijuana related subjects, so please check the event schedule. hempfair2
An impressive assortment of cannabis products and services will also be exhibited at this event. Smoking and vaping accessories, growing supplies, medical patient information, hemp products, and more; almost any marijuana commodity you’ll ever need will all be on display under one roof, at THC fair.



The Hemp & Cannabis Fair hempfair8

Every February at the Expo

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