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Red ButtesRed Buttes Wilderness Area




  • Moderate
  • 8 mile round-trip
  • 1400 feet elevation gain
  • Open June through November

Nice views of wildflower meadows and small mountain lakes.


Mule MountainMule Mountain Hiking Trail




  • Easy to Mule Creek; Moderate to the oak ridge; difficult to complete the entire loop
  • 3 mile round-trip to Mule Creek; 4 mile round-trip to Oak ridge; 11 mile round-trip of entire loop
  • 1000 feet to 2800 feet elevation gain depending on distance ventured
  • Mule Creek and oak ridge open all year; entire hike open April to December

A great hike to see gnarled white oaks and curious-looking mossy pools off the beaten path.


Sterling Ditch TunnelSterling Ditch Mining Tunnel Trail




  • Easy to reach the tunnel; difficult to complete entire trail
  • 4.7 mile loop for tunnel hike; 17 mile one-way to complete trail
  • elevation gain of 500 to 700 feet along entire trail
  • Open year-round

A rare chance to explore an old mining tunnel and see a bit of history.


Collings MountainCollings Mountain Hiking Trail




  • Moderate
  • 7 mile one-way to reach Applegate Lake reservoir
  • 1700 feet elevation gain
  • Open year-round

Nice trail through shady woods that is popular with hikers and horseback riders.


Applegate LakeApplegate Lake in Southern Oregon




  • Easy to complete peninsula loop; difficult ride for bikers circling the entire lake
  • 6.5 mile loop around peninsula; 18 mile loop of entire lake
  • No more than a 400 feet elevation gain anywhere around the lake
  • Open year-round

Beautiful quite hike for peace and solitude. Many wildflowers in grassy meadows.


Stein ButteStein Butte Wilderness in Southern Oregon




  • Difficult
  • 9 mile round-trip
  • 2400 elevation gain
  • Open April through December

Beautiful views high above Applegate Lake and groves of rare Knobcone pine.


Frog PondFrog Pond




  • Moderate
  • 8 mile loop
  • 1800 feet elevation gain
  • Open mid-May through November

A very beautiful hike through sub-alpine meadows. A shorter hike to Applegate bridge is fairly easy and takes you to a swim-able pool and the ruins of old log cabins.


Grayback MountainGrayback Mountain Hiking Trails




  • Moderate to the meadow; difficult to reach the summit
  • 2.5 mile round-trip to the meadow; 6.2 mile round-trip to summit
  • 1100 feet elevation gain to meadow; 1800 feet gain to summit
  • Open June to early November

An historic usable cabin and beautiful wildflowers make this a popular hike.


Sturgis ForkStugis Fork Hiking and Riding Trail




  • Moderate
  • 5 mile round-trip
  • 1300 feet elevation gain
  • Open mid-June to mid-November

A hidden gem that offers endless hiking and backpacking opportunities. Choose Grayback Mountain, Oregon Caves National Monument or Red Buttes Wilderness area when you decide on an extended backpacking adventure.


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