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Upper Rogue River

Upper Table Rock MountainUpper Table Rock Trail




  • Easy
  • 2.8 mile round-trip
  • 720 feet elevation gain

Formed from the legacy of a volcano's lava flow several million years ago, the trails to the top of both Upper and Lower Table Rock are an easy hike. From the rim of both mesas are views of the entire Rogue Valley.


Lower Table Rock MountainLower Table Rock




  • Moderate
  • 5.2 mile round-trip
  • 780 feet elevation gain

Nearly twice as long a trek as Upper Table Rock, this trail is the more popular of the two. Best time to hike is spring, before the hot summer arrives in July.


Lost Creek LakeLost Creek Lake Hiking Trails




  • Easy to difficult, depending on length of hike
  • 5 miles to the Grotto, round-trip; 10 miles to the north shore, one-way; 19 miles to circle entire lake shore
  • Minimal elevation gain, less than 400 feet

Beautiful hike for wildflower and bird-life viewing. Busy place with a lot of activity because of fishing, boating and camping recreation at the lake.


Takelma GorgeTakelma Gorge




  • Easy
  • 3.3 miles to the gorge, round-trip; 4.5 miles to River Bridge, one-way
  • Minimal elevation loss, no elevation gain on way in
  • Open March to December

Deep lava-formed gorge that provides a beautiful hike along the Upper Rogue River Trail.


Natural BridgeNatural Bridge




  • Easy
  • 2.5 mile loop to Natural Bridge and back; another mile or so to reach Rogue Gorge
  • Minimal elevation gain of a couple hundred feet
  • Open mid-March through November

This is a very popular easy hike that gives you a great view of the Rogue River as it disappears into an underground lava tunnel nearly 300 feet long, then bursts out from the tunnel's natural bridge on its way to the Rogue Gorge.


National Creek FallsNational Creek Falls




  • Easy
  • Just under 1 mile round-trip
  • Less than 150 feet elevation difference along the entire hike
  • Open mid-April through November

Very short easy hike to a gorgeous frothy cascade.


Stuart FallsStuart Falls




  • Moderate
  • Nearly 9 miles round-trip
  • 1500 feet elevation gain
  • Open mid-June to mid-November

Beautiful 40-foot waterfall and several smaller cascades along the way.


Union CreekUnion Creek




  • Easy to Moderate
  • Half mile round-trip short hike; 8-mile round-trip long hike
  • 100 feet elevation difference during entire hike
  • Open April through November

Start at Union Creek general store and take either a quarter-mile short hike or a longer 4-mile stream path to the falls.


Hershberger MountainHershberger Mountain




  • Easy first half-mile; moderate remaining three miles
  • 1 mile round-trip to lookout tower; 5 miles round trip to Cripple Camp shelter
  • 800 feet elevation change
  • Open July through October

The lookout tower has a windowed view of Mt. Shasta, while the huge firs at Cripple Camp shelter will feel as though they tower upward forever.


Abbott ButteAbbott Butte




  • Moderate to Abbott Butte; difficult to Elephant Head Pond
  • 7 mile round-trip to Abbott Butte; 10 mile round-trip to Elephant Head Pond
  • Nearly 2000 feet elevation gain
  • Open July through October

A very peaceful hike where you are unlikely to see other hikers. Abbott Butte offers views from an abandoned lookout tower.


Upper Rogue RiverUpper Rogue River Hiking




  • Easy first 1.5 miles, then moderate the next 4 and a half miles
  • 3 mile round-trip to No Name Falls; 8 mile round-trip to Rough Rider Falls
  • 700 feet elevation gain
  • Open mid-May to mid-November

40 foot and 50 foot waterfalls roar through the forest on this beautiful path along the Rogue River.