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Southern Cascades

South Fork Rogue RiverSouth Fork Rogue River




  • Moderate
  • 13 miles one-way
  • 1000 feet elevation variation
  • Open May through November

Start at the fork and you have three distinct trails to choose from as you follow the Rogue River into old-growth woods and scenic river falls.


Seven Lakes WestSeven Lakes West




  • Moderate to Alta Lake; difficult to Cliff Lake; difficult to Devils Peak
  • 8.5 mile round-trip to Alta Lake; 10.4 mile round-trip to Cliff Lake; 14-mile loop to reach Devils Peak
  • 1700 feet elevation gain to Alta Lake; 2300 feet elevation gain to Cliff Lake; 3000 feet gain to reach Devils Peak
  • Open July through October

The Seven Lakes Trail is the shortest route to Devils Peak, and is the most hiked trail of the entire Sky Lakes Wilderness area.


Seven Lakes EastSeven Lakes East




  • Difficult11-mile loop to Cliff Lake; 17-mile loop to Devils Peak
  • 1000 feet elevation gain to Cliff Lake; 2200 feet gain to Devils Peak
  • Open July through October

This is the easier way to the Seven Lakes Basin. Beautiful forests of mountain hemlock and western white pine bring you to breathtaking views of the immense wilderness that brought you to this point.


Mount McLaughlinMount McLaughlin




  • Difficult
  • 11-mile round-trip
  • 3900 feet elevation gain
  • Open July through October

One of the most demanding hikes in Southern Oregon, and worth the effort once you reach the summit and stand viewing half the state of Oregon!


Fish LakeFish Lake




  • Easy to the resort; moderate to High Lakes Trail
  • 6.6 mile round-trip to Fish Lake Resort; 9 miles one-way to High Lakes Trail
  • Minimal elevation gain to resort; 500 feet gain to High Lakes Trail
  • May through November

From the easy to travel, compacted gravel surface of High Lakes Trail you can take a short hike along the Great Meadow or a long hike or bike ride across the Cascade Crest between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods.


Fourmile LakeFourmile Lake




  • Easy to Badger Lake; moderate to Long Lake; difficult to to loop Fourmile Lake
  • 3.6 mile round-trip to Badger Lake; 7.4 mile round-trip to Long Lake; 14 mile loop of Fourmile Lake
  • Moderate elevation gain
  • Open July through October

Beautiful views of Mt. McLaughlin and swimmable lakes.


Mountain LakesMountain Lakes Trail




  • Difficult
  • 9.6 mile round-trip to Eb and Zeb Lakes; 12.5 mile round-trip to Harriette Lake; 17 mile loop of Mountain Lakes
  • 1200 feet elevation gain to Eb and Zeb Lakes; 1800 feet gain to Harriette Lake; 2700 feet gain around loop
  • Open July through October

Great quiet hike around deep-blue hidden mountain lakes.


Blue Lake BasinBlue Lake Basin




  • Easy to Blue Lake; moderate to Horseshoe Lake; difficult to Island Lake
  • 4.5 mile round-trip to Blue Lake; 6 mile round-trip to Horseshoe Lake; 11 mile round-trip to Island Lake
  • 700 feet to 1300 feet elevation gain around lakes
  • Open July through October

Popular area for hikers and horseback riders who love high mountain lakes and gorgeous scenery.


Brown Mountain Lava FlowBrown Mountain




  • Easy
  • 6 mile loop
  • 500 feet elevation gain
  • Open June to mid-November

Easy hike along a trail carved into rock-hard basalt leading to several great viewpoints.


Sky Lakes WildernessSky Lakes Wilderness




  • Easy via Cold Springs; difficult via Nannie Springs
  • 7 mile loop through Cold Springs; 13 mile loop to Margurette Lake; 17 mile loop around Luther Mountain
  • 1600 to 2200 feet elevation gain around Margurette Lake and Luther Mountain
  • Open July through October