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Jerry's Rogue Jets Takes White Water Rafting To The Ultimate Peak Of Adventure On The Rogue River


The natural environment and beauty of the Rogue River JerrysRogueJets22 Canyon is brought to you up close and personal as a passenger of Jerry's Rogue Jets. The river corridors possess outstanding scenic, recreational, geologic, wildlife, historic and cultural values.

JerrysRogueJets1Riders often will see everything from deer to osprey, river otters to black bears, JerrysRogueJets9 and a beautiful mix of conifers, broad-leaf evergreens, and deciduous trees and shrubs. All while experiencing white-knuckle thrills on one of the country's original eight rivers to be named in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. Jerry's Rogue Jets is the only permitted commercial jet boat tour allowed to operate in the Rogue River's Wild section; in an area that is only accessible by jet boating, rafting and hiking. Jerry's Rogue Jets purchased the official Rogue River Mail Boat company—the only jet boat ever authorized by the government to carry U.S. mail along the Rogue River, merging nearly 160 years of commercial jet boat experience on the Rogue River. JerrysRogueJets13 Together, they are a careful blend of adventurous jet boating, JerrysRogueJets17 nature based tourism and unscripted, narrated entertainment. Jet boat tours run from May 1st through October 15th and operate on the lower 52 miles of the Rogue River. Vessels range in size from 32 feet to 42 feet long and are capable of carrying 38 to 65 passengers. Fully loaded jet boats can travel through 8 inches of water, allowing navigation and maneuverability through the Rogue's shallow, rocky environment. Boats can reach 50+ mph, but typically cruise the river at 35 mph. Jerry's Rogue Jets offers three exciting runs:

  • The 64-Mile Historic Mail Route JerrysRogueJets18
  • 80-Mile Whitewater Excursion
  • 104-Mile Wilderness Whitewater

You can also turn your 104-mile trip into an extended, overnight stay at the Paradise Lodge for additional fees (See website for more info).

Jerry's Rogue Jets JerrysRogueJets7

29985 Harbor Way

Gold Beach, OR 97444


Toll-free Reservations: 800-451-3645

Jerry's Rogue Jets