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Experience The Excitement Of White Water Rafting In Southern Oregon With Orange Torpedo Trips Outfitters & Pro Guides


OrangeTorpedoLogoMay through August. Oregon rafting trips OrangeTorpedoTrips6on the Rogue River and North Umpqua River. Founded in 1969, Orange Torpedo Trips has been providing whitewater rafting adventures on the Rogue and North Umpqua Rivers for over four decades. Orange Torpedo's ability to cater to the unique levels of excitement desired from each member in your family or group allows them to create the perfect white water rafting vacation.

OrangeTorpedoTrips2For the adventurous, you'll have the opportunity to learn OrangeTorpedoTrips1 how to paddle your own inflatable kayak down the famous Rogue River. Want a more relaxing ride? Take an oared or paddle raft with an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable Orange Torpedo guide. Plus, if you love being in the water, you'll want to try their new and exciting river boarding, the ultimate white water thrill. Orange Torpedo Trips offers the following rafting adventures:

  • Wild & Scenic Rogue River Rafting Trip - 3 or 4 Day OrangeTorpedoTrips4
  • Oregon's North Umpqua River Rafting Trip - 1 or 2 Days
  • Rafting on the Rogue River - 1 Day
  • Rogue River Rafting at Nugget Falls - 1/2 Day
  • River Boarding the Rogue River - 1 Day
  • Owyhee 5-day River Rafting Trip - Oregon's Grand Canyon
  • Rogue River Rafting Wine Tasting Dinner Float
  • Rogue River Trail Guided Trips

OrangeTorpedoTrips3Orange Torpedo Trips also offers several OrangeTorpedoTrips5 hikes along the Rogue River trail, both single day and multi-day with hot showers and soft beds for all overnight hikers. Along the trail you can look forward to scenic panoramas of the canyon and spectacular waterfalls as you come upon deer, elk, turtles, and perhaps a bear. The Rogue River trail allows you to remove yourself from the modern world and fall into a slower pace of life, defined only by sunset and the speed you choose to hike. OrangeTorpedoTrips12 OrangeTorpedoTrips15 The guides at Orange Torpedo Trips will never force a rushed experience, the pace you set is always your own! While the Rogue River trail is open to anyone choosing to hike, with Orange Torpedo Trips you have the knowledge of their experienced guides to keep you safe and take you into places you've only seen in movies and magazines.  Orange Torpedo's  guides will even take care of the wine, leaving you to carry nothing more than your water and your camera. Orange Torpedo Trips offers the following hiking and running trips:

  • Rogue River Trail 3-Day Run OrangeTorpedoTrips7
  • Rogue River Trail 4-Day Lodge Trip
  • Rogue River Trail Hiking or Rafting 5-Day Camping Trip


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