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Experience The Power And Beauty Of Rogue Valley Custom Cars And Hot Rods At A Southern Oregon Auto Show, Cruise Or Fundraiser


The Rogue Valley is a classic car southernoregonrodandcustomshow wonderland and presents some awesome car shows that give people a chance to look back on their own hot-rodding past or to keep their dream of future hot rod fun alive.

Listed here are some of the bigger events that take place throughout the year in the Rogue Valley. By using the links that are provided here to the car clubs that present these shows you'll find dates to many smaller car shows that are not included here. These additional shows provide a lot of fun and good times, as well as raise money for some very worthwhile charities.



  Med Rod Custom 1      Med Rod Custom 2      Med Rod Custom 3      Med Rod Custom 4      Med Rod Custom 5
 Medford Rod & Custom Show
 Every April
 Event Info
Med Cruise 1      Med Cruise 2      Med Cruise 3      Med Cruise 4      Med Cruise 5
Medford Cruise & Classic Car Show
Every June
Event Info
Lions Car Show 1      Lions Car Show 2      Lions Car Show 3      Lions Car Show 7      Lions Car Show 8
Lions Club "All Wheels" Car Show
Every June
Event Info 
Charity Car Show 1      Charity Car Show 2      Charity 3      Charity 4      Charity5 
Fabulous '50s Charity Car Show 
Every July 
Rogue Valley Classic Cruisers Car Club
Event Info 
Photos From 2018 Show 
Corvette Weekend 1      Corvette Weekend 2      Corvette Weekend 3      Corvette Weekend 4      Corvette Weekend 6
Corvette Weekend 
Every July 
Southern Oregon Corvette Association 
Event Info
Fall Classic 1      Fall Classic 2      Fall Classic 3      Fall Classic 4      Fall Classic 5
Fall Classic Car Show 
Every September
Rogue Valley Corvettes 
Event Info 
Rat Rod Rukkus 1      Rat Rod Rukkus 2      Rat Rod Rukkus 3      Rat Rod Rukkus 4      Rat Rod Rukkus 5
Rat Rod Rukkus 
Every September
Cave Ratz Car Club
Event Info
Jim Sigel 1      Jim Sigel 2      Jim Sigel 3      JimSigel2      Jim Sigel 7   
Jim Sigel Show & Shine
Every September
Camaros of Southern Oregon
Event Info
541 outlaw car club logo 
541 Outlaw Car Club 
Altered Vision Car Club 
camaros of so Oregon logo 
Camaros of Southern Oregon 
mtfca logo
Model T Ford Club of America 
rogue valley classic cruisers logo 
Rogue Valley Classic Cruisers 
Rogue Valley Corvettes Logo 
Rogue Valley Corvettes 
Rogue Valley Old Timer Car Club 
Rogue Valley Old Timer Car Club
Rogue Valley Street Rods 
Rogue Valley Street Rods of Southern Oregon 
sovette logo 
Southern Oregon Corvette Association Corvette Club (SOCA) 
sovw logos 
Southern Oregon Volkswagon Club 
Z Club So Oregon
Z Club of Southern Oregon 




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