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See The Country's 2nd Largest Rose Parade As Part Of The Annual Portland Rose Festival


Made In Oregan float at the Portland Rose Festival

Named the Best Festival in the World in 2007 Entrance to the Portland Rose Festivaland 2011 by the International Festivals and Events Association, the Rose Festival isn't a celebration reserved only for rose-lovers. It's a veritable garden of great events and activities that bloom for weeks in late May and early June.


PortlandRoseFestival3Part of Portland's popular culture for the past 105 years, the Rose Festival has its roots in tradition while its programming is both contemporary and nostalgic. In 2010, PortlandRoseFestival4the Rose Festival was finally acknowledged as Portland's Official Festival by proclamation of the Council.

PortlandRoseFestival5With dozens of events spotlighting the diverse interests and culture of the community, the Rose Festival makes a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of lives annually, bringing smiles to the faces of both locals and guests.PortlandRoseFestival7

 The Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade is the second largest all-floral parade in North America and the single-largest spectator event in Oregon. More than 500,000 spectatorsPortlandRoseFestival8 line the 4.3 mile parade route which begins inside the Memorial Coliseum and continues through Downtown Portland. Bands are judged near the intersection of NE Martin Luther King Boulevard and NE Multnomah Street.PortlandRoseFestival11

The festival also hosts the Starlight Parade, a fireworks display, and carnival rides along the Portland waterfront, PortlandRoseFestival12among other events.






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