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Vendors Exhibit Rocks, Gems, Minerals And Unique Hand-Crafted Jewelry. Large Selection Of Rough Rock, Slabs, Tools, Books And Supplies For Sale



The Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Society hosts their annual Gem & Mineral ShowCrowds stroll the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Show in the Olsrud Arena at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, one of the most successful gem & mineral shows on the West Coast. Definitely a must for professional rock hounds and backyard enthusiasts alike.

Display of jewelry at the Roxy Ann Gem Show in Southern OregonVendors from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond exhibit rocks, gems, minerals and unique, hand-crafted jewelry. Rock paintings, rough rock, rock slabs, tools, booksBeautiful geodes at Roxy Ann and supplies will be on display and for sale. You’ll marvel at the variety of specimens to choose from.

Polished stones on display at Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral ShowDemonstrations and lectures Beautiful cut and polished rocksinclude jewelry making, wire wrapping, soapstone carving, flint-knapping, gold panning, stone cutting, and stone cabbing. Learn how to distinguish between real gold and fools' gold. Test your knowledge of gem and mineral identification.

Fun for the entire family includes auctions, raffles and door prizes. This show is always a major event for the public and grows in size each succeeding year.


Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Show

Every April


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