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See How It's Made And Taste How Great English Toffee Can Be When It's Done The Old-Fashioned Way At Cary's Of Oregon


Carys9Can you imagine a world without toffee? Long before Cary and his wife Jan Carys11 opened Cary's of Oregon in 2001 selling their soft-crunch, richly flavored toffee treats in a small store in Grants Pass, Oregon, the two of them along with their three daughters began perfecting the art of making delicious toffee as part of a fun and pleasurable family activity during the holidays.

Carys13It all began after Jan's father had shared with them his personal recipe Carys8 for English Toffee several years earlier, and taught them how to make it the old English way, using a pure marble slab to shape and cool the candy. Thus, a family holiday tradition was born. It wasn't long before Cary began receiving requests from family and friends who not only wanted toffee for themselves to eat, but also to give away as gifts to their own friends and families. Carys4 Cary's has consistently grown over the years and nowadays is considered a Grant Pass institution, still manufacturing and selling their products Carys25 from the small Southern Oregon town where it all began. Cary's now sells and ships its toffee treats to all fifty states and across our northern border to the lucky folks in Canada. While Cary's of Oregon produces and sells nearly 200,000 pounds of its award-winning toffee each year, Carys30 it is still made mostly by hand using all natural ingredients that include creamery butter from Oregon farms, toasted nuts from Oregon and Northern California, and some of the finest chocolates the market has available. Knowing that producing healthy creations Carys26 is just as important as taste and quality, Cary and Jan are committed to using products that are Carys29 100 percent gluten and preservative free. Cary's now offers a large selection of different flavors of toffee, along with specialty items, gift baskets and holiday boxes.



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