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The Works Of Shakespeare And Other Noted Playwrites Come To Life On The Stages Of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival In Ashland, Oregon


The Elizabethan Stage at the Oregon Shakespeare FestivalThe Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a regional repertory theater in Ashland, Oregon, spread out over two indoor theaters and the crown jewel outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre. The OSF is one of the premier Shakespeare festivals in the entire

world, drawing 500,000 visitors to this tiny hamlet nestled in the Cascade mountain region of Southern Oregon. Each year the festival season runs from February through October, Oregon Shakespeare Festivalwith the Allen Elizabethan Theatre open only during the summer months of June through mid-October. TowerThe entire season offers about 11 plays, and nearly half of the plays produced each year are by William Shakespeare. ClayCart A typical season consists of three to five plays on the outdoor Elizabethan Stage, with the remainder of the presentations divided between the indoor Thomas Theatre and the Angus Bowmer Theatre. stageIn addition to the plays, a free outdoor Green Show precedes the evening plays from June through October. Visitors to the festival are not only able to enjoy as many as 7 to 9 performances in a single week, Much Ado About Nothing performed on the Angus Bowmer Theatre stagebut can also attend backstage tours, workshops, classes and pre- and post-show discussions. OSFElizabethanThe Oregon Shakespeare Festival is listed as a major festival in the book Shakespeare Festivals Around The World, and is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

Map of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival campus


Oregon Shakespeare Festival Campus