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Visit Southern Oregon Microbreweries, Talk To The Brewers, And Taste Some Of Rogue Valley's Best Brews


RogueValleyOnTapBreweryTours1Indigo Creek’s brewery tours leave from RogueValleyOnTapBreweryTours2 Ashland, Oregon Thursday through Sunday. This is a tour for the craft beer lover. In a state known for its sheer volume of breweries, Southern Oregon is taking the beer industry by storm and there is no better place for beer tasting flights than this brewery tour of the incredible nano and micro breweries here in the Rogue Valley. During this tour, you'll visit four breweries in five hours.

bricktowneThese are breweries that are off the beaten path and RogueValleyOnTapBreweryTours3 full of character. You’ll meet the brewers, taste their beers, and enjoy a small bite during the process. Although each brewery is different, one common theme rings true at each location: their passion for delivering high quality and sophisticated ales is undeniable. Indigo Creek Outfitters opposition has developed strong relationships with the various breweries that are visited on the tour. Because of this, customers are treated to a personalized experience at many of the stops. You can expect to meet the swing owners and brewers at most of the breweries and to have a chance to chat with them and learn their story. These brewery tours are truly one-of-a-kind in the level of attention customers are given and the amount of brewing and beer education that can be gained from the experience. Sampling the different beers is always fun, but meeting the brewers/owners and getting a tour of each facility makes the trip interesting and unique.

  • Due to variances in brewery hours, the meeting time of tours varies depending on the day of the week. Meeting and return times are for those meeting at the Indigo Creek Rafting Center in downtown Ashland. For customized group tours with different start times or for pick-up times, please call Indigo Creek Outfitters at 541-282-4535.

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  • Must Be 21 Years Old Or Older. Please Bring I.D.